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Likhoji is an online portal where writers can write about almost everything. The word "Likho Ji" means to "Please Write" and is a short (but wise) message sent out to our writers to write from their hearts and souls. The purpose of Likhoji is to offer relevant and interesting information about the world and things that affect everyone while giving a fresh serving of things that are information based and also entertaining. News, gossip, articles, musings, tips, reviews, etc. are all part of our regular content providing focus on this site.

Likhoji showcases life from a common person's perspective. An average human being is royalty here. Tourism and travel related content is important here. Stress will be laid on offering top quality content related to places, monuments, tourist attractions, and more. The world will be uncovered, decoded and explored through the writings of the common man.

It's been a while since we have been online and our traffic stats reveal that almost 80% of our readers are those who enjoy reading our musings, news stories, and general articles. It seems that people love reading about things that directly connect with their daily lives, though sometimes they just love being whisked away into a fantasy world.

Of course, having one of the best content writers online as part of our team helps immensely. More than half the content on Likhoji has been written by our editor and chief writer (Savio). Likhoji.com is definitely the place to be if you have some free time everyday and wish to use it more constructively.

Savio DSilva - He is the Editor of Likhoji and has received over 400 Million pages views for his content pages online. The concept of developing a website for everything and solely by volunteer writers is his idea. He is well known as a freelance content writer online and has written thousands of articles, posts and comments on hundreds of websites, forums and blogs over the last 15 years. Savio is an internet marketing expert, guidance counselor, brand building consultant, corporate trainer, life coach and more. He has owned (and managed) over 2500 websites, forums and blogs online since 1999.

Denise DSilva - She is the Information and Entertainment Liason on Likhoji and her posts related to women, movies, TV shows, music, fashion and lifestyle will be featured on this portal regularly. She has written hundreds of articles online for dozens of websites and her unique style of writing quickly captures the attention of many new readers. She is also a 'responsive' commenter and goes the extra mile to comment on her posts and everyone else's as well. Denise has been writing for us since 2005 and is a team member that we cannot do without.

In the future, Likhoji will be expanding our content base and adding in new sections that connect with a larger audience. Seed funding for this project was raised in-house and further funding will be sought at the right time by investors who appreciate and understand what we are doing over here.

- Likhoji
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